terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017


1976 - Dave "Doc" Davis is a fireman from Niles, Michigan, who does his off duty truckin in this very neat '76 Dodge that he calls "Afternoon Delight". Any time would be a delight inside this slick van, with its red carpeted floor and walls and beamed ceiling with built-in lighting.

A crushed velvet couch converts to a bed. An ice box holds the refreshments, which are served up on a table with cup holders. A sink is provided for clean-up.

Other delights are provided by the Craig AM/FM/stereo with four Carig flush speakers, along with a Sony 5-inch color TV. There is also a Johnson 40-channels CB with external speaker, and if that doesn't help him keep track of Smokey, the Fuzz Buster will.

"Doc" Davis did much of the bodywork, custom grille, visor flares and spoiler. Still another delight - this one for the eyes - is the outside of the van. The Dodge brown was covered with gold leaf and brown shadow accents, all done freehand by Maxidon Signs of Niles. As you see, the job is flawless.

When "Doc" goes rollin' in his Afternoon Delight, its is indeed a delight to behold!

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