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Henri Pescarolo lies in a hospital recovering from burns he suffered when the Matra MS640 he was driving crashed during Le Mans test days in 1969

1969 - On the sports car side, a near tragedy very nearly struck the team again during April test days at Le Mans.

For 1969 a futuristic new coupé, designated the MS640, had been built with bodywork based on the aerodynamic theories of Robert Choulet, a former associate of Charles Deutsch, builder of the superstreamlined CD Le Mans cars,.

The 640 used much the same running gear as its predecessor, but was covered with bulbous bodywork that featured tall vertical tail fins to aid straight-line stability.

During April test days Henri Pescarolo crashed heavily in the new 640 and barely escaped with his life. His injuries included severe burns to the face, from which it would take the better part of the remainder of the year to recover.

The 640 project was set aside, forever as it turned out and four other cars were entered in the race, all with Matra engines.

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